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delivering quality

delivering quality

highly responsive talent

With fresh talent entering our marketplace every day, we’re confident that you will find the precise travel nurse for your staffing needs throughout the year. 

Our highly responsive talent makes us confident in delivering results – that’s why we guarantee a 55% response rate, compared to traditional job boards (2-5%).

one-time credentialing

Don’t let paperwork and documentation slow you down from filling your immediate staffing needs. With one-time credentialing, our nurses uploads documents just once to apply to as many gigs as they want.

Employers can access the candidate’s certifications, credentials, and professional records – all in one place! This tool, along with our patented 3D Resume, allows talent to tell their professional story in a visually impactful way!

easy engagement technology

We are not a job board OR travel nurse agency. Skillgigs is the future of direct hiring, complete with internal messaging and interview scheduling tools created to streamline the hiring process – to get nurses in your hospital faster.

Increase your response rates by communicating with talent directly through the app. 

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our talent

our talent

Fill the following positions with the healthcare talent in our marketplace:

common specialties

– Acute Care
– Cardiovascular
– Critical Care
– Dialysis
– ER
– Hospice Care
– Labor & Delivery
– Neonatal & Pediatric Care
– Oncology
– OR
– Physical Therapy

employment types

– Travel Contract
– Per Diem
– Full-Time Employee


– Registered Nurse (RN)
– Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
– Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
– Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

administration & Management

– Director of Nursing & Other Management Positions
– Nurse Practitioner
– Various Administrative Roles

& more!

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