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delivering quality

delivering quality

highly responsive talent

Coming out of the top 100 STEM programs in the US and abroad, this top talent has the hands on skills and experience required for your most technical roles.

Our highly responsive talent makes us confident in delivering results – that’s why we guarantee a 55% response rate, compared to traditional job boards (2-5%).​

data-driven hiring decisions

Our 3D Resume, with its patented Skill Index, helps you truly measure a person’s capabilities based on their experience and technical skills.

The 3D Resume calculates professional history, years’ experience, and primary skills used to create a visual profile of the candidate’s skill density. This tool allows talent to tell their professional story in a visually impactful way!

easy engagement technology

We are not a job board OR recruiting site. Skillgigs is the future of direct hiring, complete with internal messaging and interview scheduling tools created to streamline the hiring process.

Increase your response rates by communicating with talent directly through the app. 

Hiring has never been so simple! Ready to try Skillgigs?

predictable pricing

Never pay a placement fee again!

Make unlimited hires for one low fixed price rather than an arbitrary fee based on salary. 

Get unlimited access to gigs, bids, interviews, and hires with each subscription!

our talent

our talent

Fill the following key positions with the talent in our marketplace:

software engineering

– Frontend Developer
– Full Stack Developer
– Machine Learning Engineer
– Mobile App Developer

data analytics

– Data Scientist
– Business Analyst
– Big Data


– UI/UX Developers
– Product Design


– Technical Program Manager
– Software Development Manager
– CTO’s, CIO’s, and IT Directors

& more!

– DevOps Engineer
– Big Data
– QA Test Engineer
– Solutions Architect

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learn more

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